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ISO 26000

HeiTech Services is ensuring we embrace the values and guidance offered by ISO 26000 compliance, which consists of community involvement, the environment including green practices, labor practices concerning the well-being of our employees, socially-responsible business practices of our partners and suppliers, and organization governance that embraces the importance of social responsibility. This is not just ‘feel good’ stuff; it is a core philosophy that will engender business success!

ISO 26000 contains voluntary guidance to organizations, commercial and government, to provide products and services to customers or citizens without adversely impacting the environment, and encourages that operations be performed in a socially responsible manner. ISO 26000 guidance includes the following: definitions, understanding social responsibility, principles of social responsibility, engaging stakeholders, guidance on core subjects and how to integrate social responsibility throughout an organization, and more. ISO 26000 has seven core subjects: community involvement and development, consumer issues, fair operating practices, the environment, labor practices, human rights, and organizational governance as it relates to sustainable business practices. ISO 26000 is not a certification; it is a set of voluntary guidelines.

The challenge for top management today is to balance “people, profit and planet”, as stated by Louis Fry in 2008. HeiTech Services encourages other organizations aspiring to achieve social responsibility leadership in your operations and communities to embrace the guidance offered by ISO 26000.