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HeiTech Services, as a service-disabled, veteran-owned business (SDVOB) and a woman-owned business, understands the value of being able to have access to the experience and guidance of successful firms. We have been fortunate to have meaningful relationships with mentoring firms who have provided guidance to HeiTech Services throughout our years of success. We have had ongoing opportunities to tap into the knowledge base and experience of these firms that are of different sizes and that have different customer bases. Numerous business discussions, subcontracting opportunities, management coaching and technical guidance have contributed to our success. With this in mind, HeiTech Services, as we have grown in size and capabilities, recognizes that we have an opportunity too to provide guidance to other firms – especially small businesses. It is our turn to ‘pay it forward’, to give back!

Today, HeiTech Services maintains formal and informal Mentor-Protégé (M-P) relationships with both larger and smaller firms. We have strong M-P relationships with larger firms including Serco, Inc. and VSE Corporation, and small businesses: AMTIS, Inc. and Sierra7. These ongoing M-P relationships include managerial and technical information exchanges, business development collaboration, and more. Success today requires a company to expand its business network, have trusted partners at hand and access to world-class expertise. HeiTech Services’ M-P Program readily achieves these goals.