Providing Certainty Amid Government Shutdown - | Providing Certainty Amid Government Shutdown

Providing Certainty Amid Government Shutdown

The partial U.S. government shutdown has dominated headlines since it took effect on December 22, 2018. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stopped accepting approval applications for new drugs, the Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo closed their doors, and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers increasingly started calling in sick rather than work without pay. Most of the headlines have been negative and provide little clarification of a resolution.

The HeiTech Services Executive Team quickly realized the pending impact the shutdown would have on contract staff, particularly with regards to personal finances. Therefore, and given the fact that the partial government shutdown is continuing with no apparent end in sight, HeiTech made an exception to its regular pay policy. Beginning Monday, January 14, HeiTech Services began paying shutdown-impacted contract staff at regular hourly rates.

“Unlike their furloughed federal employee counterparts, contractor staff historically do not receive back pay when the shutdown ends,” stated CEO, Heidi Gerding. “With uncertainty growing as to when the government would reopen, we decided to step up for our staff to relieve them of the burden of not knowing when the next paycheck was coming.”

The government shutdown has impacted HeiTech staff at four government agencies and departments, making up nearly 20 percent of our workforce. As the shutdown continues, and where possible, impacted HeiTech contract staff are taking advantage of the sudden availability to complete company performance appraisals, engage in recruiting efforts, update standard operating procedures and support additional administrative activities.

“HeiTech Services is incredibly proud of its people,” stated Gerding. “We look forward to a quick settlement of differences and a renewal of the funding necessary for us to continue the valuable services we bring to the Federal Government.”

Sources: The New York Times

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