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Customer Assurance Program®

HeiTech Services, Inc. believes that our customers have the right to acquire services that are fairly priced, satisfy their requirements, delivered according to schedule and budget, and go beyond their expectations. To ensure that we consistently incorporate these principles in all our actions, HeiTech Services developed a set of business tenets in 1999 that became part of the company’s foundation and serve as guidelines in all that we do since then.

Our business principles are stated in our unique Customer Assurance Program® (CAP), which conveys our business convictions and commitments in elegantly simple language. We believe that they are easy to convey, be understood, and readily become part of the actions taken every day by all levels of the HeiTech team. Perhaps more importantly, through our CAP, our customers know what to expect when they engage HeiTech Services and can measure the effectiveness of our service delivery.

The CAP has become a very important part of the HeiTech Services culture. It defines for us who we are as a business and the relationship we expect to have with our customers. The CAP summarizes the values we hold, the actions we will take, and the measurable results we will achieve.

Under our CAP principles, and in all customer relationships, HeiTech Services will strive to always:

  • Deliver the services and products as promised, while exceeding customer expectations
  • Recommend to our customer the most cost-effective means to acquire our services and products
  • Work to build trusting relationships with our customers to foster long-term partnerships
  • Leverage our experience, best practices and lessons-learned to the betterment of our customer
  • Provide our customer with direct access to a designated member of the senior management staff
  • Always seek to provide our customer with quantitative performance improvements throughout the life of the contract

The CAP was written when HeiTech Services was first incorporated because it was important for us to state how we were going to operate as a business. It has long since become engrained in all of our actions and part of the essential fabric of the company. Without it, HeiTech Services would not have developed the reputation for excellence that we have today.

                      – Heidi Gerding, President/CEO

CUSTOMER ASSURANCE PROGRAM is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as a trademark of HeiTech Services, Inc.