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To help the Federal Government keep Americans safe.


Deliver excellence to our customers through innovative approaches that honor HeiTech’s social responsibility to provide the Government with HeiQuality services.


View our “What HeiTech Does” video to learn about our business processing and information technology services.

HeiTech Services, Inc. is a woman and service-disabled, veteran-owned business. We qualify as a small business with regards to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes at $27.5M for annual revenue (defined as a 3-year average of annual revenues) and 500 employee sizes. In these scenarios, we also qualify as a woman-owned small business (WOSB) and have been “verified” by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB). We have served multiple agencies in thirteen federal departments. Our revenue is solely derived from the federal government market, which is our business focus. HeiTech Services provides solutions under the following two business areas:

Business Processing Solutions

Information Technology Solutions

We view each client as a long-term partner and see new programs as opportunities to provide better service. HeiTech Services has crafted our services offerings to deliver value to a government environment challenged by having to perform strategic planning and implementation in an uncertain budget environment and cope with: ongoing retirement of senior employees and subject matter experts, new e-Government initiatives that must be seamlessly integrated across organization functions, utilization of best-in-class applications, program management challenges, and intense security and privacy issues overlaid by numerous policies and regulations. Over 200,000 government employees have over 30 years of service and are eligible to retire now. Couple this with 45 percent of the federal workforce having less than 10 years of experience, successful accomplishment of the mission will require a true partnership between the government and its contractors.