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Community Outreach

HeiTech Services, Inc. is committed to improving the lives of others and demonstrating its presence as a good corporate citizen. At HeiTech Services, we believe that ‘giving back’ is an obligation – an obligation we joyfully contribute to. This commitment is duteously exhibited by the organization, management and staff through support of our nation’s service members, volunteerism, and involvement in philanthropic organizations and community-oriented projects.

We are all well aware of the incredible honor and bravery displayed by of our nation’s service men and women.  Our service members make the ultimate sacrifice each and every day on behalf of all Americans.  Their willingness to sacrifice to build a better future and preserve our way of life greatly strengthens our nation.  HeiTech Services is committed in doing all that we can to positively impact the lives of the individuals who have sacrificed their well-being for the benefit of all of us. We show our appreciation through sponsorships, donations and activities to groups dedicated to supporting our nation’s veterans. Organizations that we have had the priviledge in supporting include: The Helping Our Heroes Foundation, The Wounded Warrior Project, Warriors In Transition, Luke’s Wings, and The USO of Metropolitan Washington.

In addition to the company’s support of our nation’s service members, HeiTech Services is involved in a number of philanthropic organizations and community-oriented projects.  The executive team has led corporate support for charitable events and organizations such as Toys for Tots, Can Food for Charity, Serenity Hospice and Palliative Association, Bethel World Outreach Church, Mary Center, the Kiwanis Club, the Food Allergy and Anaphalaxis Network, and the Frederick City Humane Society. Throughout the company’s history we have supported many charities, Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and intramural teams, and other organizations in the local community. Gerding volunteers her time to mentor students and speak at community youth events about the value of their education and the lessons gained for later in life.

HeiTech Services also provides support to organizations within the government contracting industry in the local community.  Our executives are often sought after by peers to share professional experiences, participate in panel discussions and speak at any number of business events.  The executive team is mindful of the profound effect that can be made by sharing their insight and what that effect can bring to local businesses and the community.