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Ethics and Business Conduct

The word Ethics with 3 off-center circles around it.HeiTech Services, Inc. is committed to practicing the highest level of ethical conduct in all business relationships with our stakeholders: employees, clients, partners, subcontractors, suppliers and community. Honesty, fairness, and transparency guide our relationships, forming the foundation of our culture. We extend our strong corporate values of honor and excellence through the selection of our employees, consultants and partners whom share these same convictions. We aspire to set the standard for maintaining ethical and moral behavior in our industry.

HeiTech Services, as a federal government contractor, embraces the code of ethics established in the Federal Acquisition Regulations’ Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (FAR Sub Part 3.10). This federal law further documents our commitment to ethical conduct as we serve our federal market clients.

We trust our employees to know the difference between right and wrong, and what action to take when faced with an ethical or questionable issue. Ethical conduct does not offer short-cuts; it is a philosophy and life-long commitment that when combined with moral courage, results in doing what is right in a given situation. Further, HeiTech Services is fully committed to the guidance offered by ISO 26000 pertaining to corporate governance and management decision making as it relates to the environment, business conduct, community involvement and fair labor practices. At HeiTech Services, we believe that what you do – defines you as a person and as an organization.

Meet our Ethics Compliance Officer:

The Ethics Compliance Officer of HeiTech Services, Inc. is Craig Hackett, Chief Human Captial Officer. In this role, Mr. Hackett leads our application for HeiTech’s Business Ethics and Conduct Code. He is responsible for the dissemination of the policy to all managers and employees and for answering questions about the code that arise from time to time. The Ethics Compliance Officer is also responsible for the review, investigation and response to all reported Code violations. In addition, if a written or oral inquiry or investigation is initiated by a government agency, Mr. Hackett in his role as Ethics Compliance Officer will coordinate the response to such inquiries or investigations, including any government requests to interview company managers or employees.

Any and all discussions with former or current government officials concerning possible employment with the Company must be approved in advance by the Ethics Compliance Officer.

Reporting Questionable Situations:

It is our policy that you advise the HeiTech Services, Inc. Ethics Compliance Officer or Chief Human Capital Officer of any potential improper activity, whether actual or perceived. Be assured that any information that is communicated will be received and investigated with seriousness and confidentiality. Appropriate action will be taken on a case-by-case basis by the Ethics Compliance Officer or a senior HeiTech Services manager.

Craig Hackett
Chief Human Capital Officer
Phone: (301) 918-9500