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When HeiTech Services was founded, CEO Heidi Gerding wanted to make sure everyone who came in contact with the company had a clear understanding of her personal commitment to the success of the business.  Hence, the “Hei” in HeiTech was initially derived from her name.

The HEI has a dual purpose in that it also represents the core values the organization was built on: Honor, Excellence, and Innovation.  If you have been to our headquarters, you will see these words on our lobby doors and in our hallways underscoring the importance of them to the company and all who visit us.  These attributes corroborate our corporate vision and define our corporate culture.  They are what make HeiTech and its employees different and set us apart from other companies.

Honor:  HeiTech Services is a company founded on integrity, honesty, and fair play.  We believe in and promote ethical business practices throughout the company.   We insist that Honor is demonstrated in each action, in each relationship, and by each employee.

Excellence: HeiTech Services provides services that have the demonstrated character of quality that exceeds expectations.   We promote this level of excellence in all we attempt and in all we accomplish.  We expect expertise in our employees and a desire to earn a reputation for excellence.

Innovation: HeiTech Services practices active involvement and continuous commitment to improving the helpful and productive nature of our work.  Using our consulting skills, we seek to advance enhanced methods of production and business practices designed to streamline activities and make them more efficient.  As our commitment is universal, we apply innovation equally to our employee and customer relationships.