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Heidi W. Gerding

As CEO of HeiTech Services, Inc., Heidi Gerding is focused on setting the perception and tone of the company, while skillfully laying the groundwork, to foster the continued economic well‐being of the company. She works to insure that employees understand the company’s’ vision, direction and goals.

Ms. Gerding holds the distinction of being the first woman from Minnesota to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy. Ms. Gerding’s Navy career spanned nearly ten years during a time period in our country’s history when being an Academy graduate, a Naval officer, and a woman challenged established tradition. Her Navy career was highlighted by assignments which were previously unique for a woman, such as leading a Mobile Mine Assembly Group. In her last assignment, in which she was detailed to Washington, D.C., Ms. Gerding was the officer responsible for establishing and administering the Navy and Marine Corps’ HIV-AIDS personnel policy. She worked in challenging environments, managing up to 500 employees and overseeing budgets exceeding $100 million while serving her country in the U.S. Navy.

After leaving the Navy, she continued service to the country through employment with two other small business federal contractors where she embraced every aspect of those businesses. Her leadership and organizational skills placed her in management positions of increasing responsibility with Washington-area management services firms contracting with the Federal Government. Ms. Gerding advanced from Project Manager in one firm to eventually the President of Operations and a Corporate Officer for another.

During her many years directing projects, Ms. Gerding gained extensive experience in the intelligent application of a wide range of technologies, finding great satisfaction in developing a sensible solution to meet a clients’ need. During the course of her career, Ms. Gerding developed and refined her own style and approach for satisfying her clients, learning first-hand what methods led to successful projects and delivering more value than expected to her delighted customers.

Ms. Gerding co-founded HeiTech Services, Inc. in October 1999 with longtime business partner Jim Clement. HeiTech Services was founded to provide management consulting and information technology services to the Federal Government. She began the business to ensure that promises made to customers were honored. Her business acumen is founded around the Naval Academy’s Honor Concept which, simply stated, is: “Midshipmen will not lie, cheat, or steal.” She believes that services delivered with this concept in mind, will always result in success.

Heidi Gerding is an entrepreneur, accomplished business leader, advocate of veteran and small business enterprise — and a mother of four. Her dedication and commitment to her work and her family is evident in the manner with which she provides exceptional customer service to her clients while nurturing the professional and personal needs of her employees. These qualities, combined with her knowledge, skills and abilities, have proved to be a successful combination and enable Ms. Gerding to succeed as a woman, a Naval Officer, and business owner.