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About us

Our Mission

We work with the U.S. government to solve problems and develop solutions that serve the interests of the American people

Our Vision

To be regarded as an authentic, honest, and impactful government partner aggressively contributing to safeguarding our nation's information, goods, property and people

Founded in 1999
Founded in 1999
Founded in 1999
Our Values


Honesty, fairness, and transparency guide our relationships and form the foundation of our culture. We aspire to set the standard for maintaining ethical and moral behavior in our industry. 


We pride ourselves on delivering admirable services and settle for nothing less. Our customers can expect services that are fairly priced, delivered according to schedule and budget, and go beyond expectations. 


We pursue unique and innovative approaches in how we manage projects and deliver services. Our employees are creative and curious, continuously seeking ways to improve how we can meet deliverables, enhance processes, and improve performance. 

Our Team

Our leadership is built on experience, serving others, and creativity

Our Philosophy

We challenge the assumptions of others

We approach each opportunity with a proven, metrics-based approach tailored to each of our customers’ unique expectations. We will deconstruct your requirement, identify challenges and efficiencies, and develop customized solutions to assist your organization successfully achieve its goals. Our outcome-based approach is built on a detailed analysis process that relieves our customers of the burden of paying for inefficiencies tied to historical data that is often no longer relevant.

Contact us so we can challenge your assumptions.


Customer Assurance Program ®

Under our CAP principles, and in all customer relationships, HeiTech Services strives to always: 

  • Deliver services and products as promised, while exceeding customer expectations. 
  • Recommend to our customer the most cost-effective means to acquire our services and products. 
  • Work to build trusting relationships with our customers to foster long-term partnerships. 
  • Leverage our experience, best practices, and lessons-learned to the betterment of our customer. 
  • Provide our customer with direct access to a designated member of the senior management staff. 
  • Always seek to provide our customer with quantitative performance improvements throughout the life of the contract. 


We provide staffing, management, and technical solutions that impact the lives of all Americans. We are dedicated to serving the federal government in the markets of health, immigration, labor, and defense. We are a trusted SDVOSB, WOSB, and SB partner.

Contact info

Honor. Excellence. Innovation.

  • 8400 Corporate Dr, Suite 500
    Landover, MD 20785
  • +1 301 918 9500