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The federal services market faces ever-changing dynamics such as increased regulatory compliance and competition, emergence of new technology, resource constraints, ecological and security challenges, and increased demand for transparency. Government agencies have unique challenges and business issues not seen in the commercial business arena. The federal debt ceiling, as a political and economic issue, budget deficits, and the government’s complex human capital challenges impact when and how government contractors’ services are acquired, if at all. The federal government must deliver more value to constituents, with fewer resources while, at the same time, having increased accountability. Successful achievement of these conflicting objectives depends upon having well-planned, implemented and integrated information management assets aligned with the agency’s strategic objectives.

Given the seemingly constant uncertainty and sensitivity of the federal budget, both federal and state governments are being pressured to look for specific business functions and processes where the work will be performed by highly-competent firms who have mastered the art of delivering quality services with speed, accuracy and efficiency. HeiTech Services Inc., has created a core capability in business processing services – where we perform administrative and programmatic services at a level of accuracy rarely matched in industry – and in information technology services. We have learned to get the job done with finite resources and minimal new investments.