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ITIL Compliance

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We employ industry best practices including IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to deliver IT services designed to support our customers’ mission requirements and goals, while minimizing operating and financial risks, and ensuring compliance with mandated government regulations and standards. The ITIL Lifecycle provides formality and structure concerning the design, management and operation of how HeiTech Services delivers IT services to clients.  The ITIL life-cycle has five phases:

  • Service Strategy – the concept, development and implementation of a firm’s service portfolio
  • Service Design – the actual design and development of services and their associated management processes
  • Service Transition – how new services will be integrated into Operations
  • Service Operation – efficient management of service delivery and support
  • Continual Service Improvement – how to create and maintain business value through better service design and management

Given the state of the federal budget, the federal and state governments are being pressured to look for specific business functions and processes where the work will be performed by highly-competent firms who have mastered the art of delivering quality services with speed, accuracy and efficiency.  HeiTech Services, since its founding in 1999, has created a core capability in business processing services where we perform administrative and programmatic services at a level of accuracy rarely matched in industry.

HeiTech Services has established a knowledge base of metrics built upon complex projects we have supported, by which we measure the performance of our employees and the quality of the work they complete.  We predict expected performance based upon the complexity of the functional process and accurately determine staffing levels to achieve service level agreements (SLAs) or objectives (SLOs).  Through our broad government experience, multi-disciplined expertise, and shared-services offerings, we perform critical and non-core services less expensively and with higher service response levels.