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Business Processing Services

HeiTech Services delivers a diverse suite of Business Processing Solutions to agencies throughout the federal government in markets such as health, labor, education, and homeland security. Among these markets, we provide a wide array of services to support our customers and help them achieve their goals. Such services include: application processing; records management; mailroom operations; print and copy services; scanning and digitization; library services; warehouse management; logistics; marketing, branding, and social media; outreach and communications; training and learning management; grants management; and program evaluation.


Application Processing

HeiTech Services brings expertise in the range of application processing activities from initial receipt to archiving and destroying processed documents. The company has a track record of successfully meeting performance standards, processing applications in a timely manner, and preventing backlogs. We understand the impact in the handling of information (both paper and electronic). It is necessary to create approaches for managing the process with increased efficiency and effectiveness, lower costs, understand critical skills, and deliver higher service levels through innovation – all of which improve the organizations’ productivity.

A paper document can have a long life cycle in terms of its creation, electronic and physical distribution, modification, storage, archiving, digitization, encryption, quality, integration into an application/database, pertinence to a specific FOIA request, disposal and proper destruction. These activities might be separate or combined within an organization.

Agencies or departments that do not have a systems-wide view of their document-related activities are often expending finite resources inefficiently in what should be a streamlined document services function. HeiTech Services will work with you to identify significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency.


Records Management

HeiTech Services proficiently performs full life cycle records management activities including the logging, classifying, storing, securing, and destruction (or archival) of records received from the public.  Formal records management has many business, regulatory and legislative benefits including:  reducing staff time searching for information; facilitating information and file sharing; minimizing unnecessary duplication of information; identifying how long records should be retained; optimizing legal admissibility of records; supporting risk management and business continuity planning; ensuring compliance with financial, audit and legislative requirements; and freedom of information (FOIA) compliance.

We deliver experienced, secure and innovative mail, package handling, and paper delivery services to the federal government.  Accuracy of delivery, process efficiency, innovative technology, professional staffing and accessible customer service support is what drives our company to remain ahead of the industry.  Our benchmark for quality management is our attainment of ISO 9001:2008 which is one tool used to meet client requirements; improve customer focus; improve consistency and information flow; improve time management; improve service and performance to the highest level; and improve accountability and traceability.


Mailroom Operations

As a mailroom support services contractor, HeiTech Services has implemented mail security training and awareness to protect the Agency’s we support, their employees, their customers, and also HeiTech Services’ employees.  Our mailrooms are the first or second line of defense against hazardous envelopes and packages entering the facilities our mailrooms operate and with the increase in suspicious packages being received at Federal and State buildings safety is priority number one.

Mail Center Safety Training is conducted quarterly at each of our mail facilities. Industry experts are invited from the USPS (United States Postal Service) and/or CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to speak and provide industry updates relating to Mail Safety.  To help instill a culture that emphasizes the importance of security, a strong plan for Mail Center Security must be supplemented with regular training, rehearsals, and reviews. It’s too late to prepare for a threat after it occurs. If it does happen it could mean the loss of limb and/or life.


Library Services

Through state-of-the-art library and content management technologies HeiTech Services integrates open source, low-cost tools with modern, mass-dissemination, Internet-based technologies to enhance traditional hardcopy-based resource center and library services.  We specialize in delivering professional knowledge management support services through our expertise and experience gained by providing cutting edge library services including state-of-the-art collection development and high-quality, accurate document processing operation services to several federal agencies. HeiTech Services leverages the knowledge, techniques, and best practices acquired across all of our projects to provide the best solutions for our clients.

The common thread of all of our work in this field is the effective management of information and knowledge. Our experience and holistic approach provide synergy by addressing all tasks in their larger context of mission, processes, environment, and stakeholders’ needs, thus providing customer satisfaction and added value.  Our management and technical approaches are supported by recognized industry best practices in library science, information technology and project management. These best practices are implemented by our staff with proven experience and appropriate certifications and credentials.


Print/Copy Services

HeiTech Services combines direct day-to-day print management expertise with a proven team of professionals who continually bring a fresh perspective to the challenges of timely, accurate print service.  Our experience has developed a wealth of metrics to measure timelines and quality associated with various tasks and thus allow us to project sufficient staff to manage spikes and surges which occur during the print services life-cycle.  HeiTech Services provides document receipt, document preparation (including quality assessments), scanning, production (printing and finishing), quality control, reporting, and delivery to the customer.


Scanning and Digitization

HeiTech Services’ scanning and digitization expertise includes indexing, logging, scanning, and archiving large volumes of application documents and records. Scanning and digitization services are often subject to multiple levels of quality control and performance tracking. Our team brings experience in high-volume, fast-paced environments where teamwork, quality, and innovation are core values. Our experiences include processing, preventing, and eliminating backlogs; converting them to electronic format; indexing and storing new electronic files appropriately; and destroying paper files. Individual case files often exceed 200 pages in length. Members of our functional teams are cross-trained on all project tasks to ensure work continues at a steady state in the case of spikes in records received.

Documents are logged into a process tracking database, where they are monitored throughout the scanning process, and examined. Preparation activities can include page numbering of the entire case, sorting documents into logical groups, and separating these logical groups with blank sheets, and bar coding each document. Document preparation services are often required to remove staples, cut spines, removed binder clips, removed paper clips, and removed rubber bands. Indexing teams inspects the scanned images in detail, returning any flawed images for re-scanning. Inspection and verification are necessary, of both the original document and the final image, to ensure quality control. Scanned images are submitted and, following approval and written notification, destruction of hardcopy files may be requested.


Grants Management and Evaluation

HeiTech Services has extensive Federal grants management experience having subject-matter experts that have work and leadership experience in designing grant management strategies and systems. This expertise includes developing strategies for the administration of grants management systems at the Federal level, creating systems for oversight and monitoring grant programs at the state and local levels, and developing and delivering technical assistance and training on how to best manage grants.


Logistics and Warehouse Asset Management

HeiTech Services controls the movement and storage of assets, materials, inventory, and related-processing transactions including shipping, receiving, and preparing materials for sale or destruction. Improved efficiencies gained by our approach ensure that our supply chain management approach adds value to the government’s supply chain objectives of ‘time and place’, which is the time-related positioning of resources precisely when and where needed.


Training and Learning Management

HeiTech Services provides a comprehensive service model that Government agencies find responsive to their unique learning and human capital requirements. This includes the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of customized training programs and learning solutions as well as job aids, and enterprise-wide performance support strategies and tools. These services improve an agency’s abilities to accomplish their assigned critical missions, increase their organizational efficiency, improve their utilization of best industry practices, and support future initiatives and innovations.